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Journey of Imad Ghreiwati

Hailing from the vibrant nation of Lebanon, Imad Ghreiwati is the owner and CEO of Ramez Real Estate. Founded in 2002, Ramez Real Estate has flourished into a successful business with headquarters in Dubai and multiple offices across the GCC. At Ramez Real Estate, the fundamental goal is to find its customers a home; a home where they feel secure and happy.  

Since his youth, Imad Ghreiwati understood the significance of owning a home. He deeply believed that a home is a haven and a nest of beautiful memories. Having survived the turbulent times of the Lebanese Civil War, Imad Ghreiwati felt a profound connection to ‘being home.’ To him, it was not just not four walls; it was something more heartfelt. It was a sanctuary of peace and a beautiful escape. Realizing the impact of the home on his life, Imad Ghreiwati‘s goal was to find everyone their ideal place. 

In his early 20s, Imad Ghreiwati left Lebanon in pursuit of his dreams. He saw the immense potential in Dubai and believed this city could help him achieve his goals. From understanding customers to discovering new trends, Imad Ghreiwati intensely learned about everything in real estate during his early days in Dubai. As Imad Ghreiwati gained impeccable knowledge and valuable experience, he became one of Dubai’s best real estate agents.  

After paving a successful career in the industry, Imad Ghreiwati was finally ready to start his venture. In 2001, Imad Ghreiwati quit his full-time job and focused on building Ramez Real Estate. Despite the difficult transition, Imad Ghreiwati was committed to his dream. On January 24th, 2002, Ramez Real Estate opened its doors to the world. The company quickly flourished, and Imad Ghreiwati soon established multiple offices across UAE. 

Fast forward to 2022, Imad Ghreiwati opened several establishments across the GCC. In addition to managing his firms, Imad Ghreiwati is a well-known real estate consultant. In spite of all the success, Imad Ghreiwati remained humbled and focused. He remained committed to his childhood dream, and now, he has assisted over 2000 people in finding their homes.

I built Ramez Real Estate with only one purpose. My home, then and now, has always been my safe escape. It is truly a space where I feel peace and happiness. Throughout my journey, I constantly remembered that beautiful feeling. It always helped me stay focused and energized for my work. Today, I can proudly say I have helped thousands to feel at home. And to me, that is the biggest success.”



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